Excursions in the Brønnøysund area

The southern part of Helgeland has a variety of sights and attractions. One of them is the famous mountain Torghatten with a hole right through it. In the east part of Brønnøy is the Velfjord with its pittouresque landskape and a chance to explore the Velfjord outdoor musuem or the Nøstvik church. At Hildurs herbarium you will see some of the plants and herbs we have in our area and get an insight in this place fascinating history from the Viking area up to today.



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Bus tour to Torghatten

The famous mountain with its distinctive hole right through it is a place which visitors simply must experience. People feel small as they wander though the hole, with a length of 160 m, height of 35 m high and width of 15-20 m, which resulted from sea erosion thousands of years ago. The mountain, like many along the Helgeland Coast, is the subject of many myths and legends.

The bus tour starts in Brønnøysund with city sightseeing, before crossing the splenid Brønnøysund bridge and continuing 15 km to the foot of Torghatten.

We then commence the hike to the hole. We follow a well prepared path and after around 30 minutes reach the entrance. From here, we can en joy the fantastic view and walk through the hole itself before following the same path down again.

NB! Good footwear is required.



Group size: min. 25 - max. 90

Duration: Approx. 2.5 hours

Velfjord Open Air Museum and Nøstvik Church

Velfjord Open Air Museum has an idyllic location on the shores of Strengevatnet in Velfjord. The museum comprises a large collection of buildings and artefacts from the 16th and 17th centuries, which combine to illustrate the daily life on a farm during this time, along with the full range of tools for a variety of crafts.

The museum features an exhibition of Saami articles of everyday use.

Nøstvik Church is a log-built cruciform church dating frm 1674. The churchs location beside the fjord reflects the main means of transportation of the day; the boat. The church features some historical contents, including an alterpiece and church bell gifted to the church in 1758.

The journey here follows the beautiful Velfjorden, a fjord with seven distinct arms.



Group size: min 25 - max. 90

Duration: approx. 4,5 hours


Tour prize includes: bus trasport, guide, guided tour by local guides at the Velfjord Open Air Museum and Nøstvik Church.


Hildurs Urterarium

Dont miss Nothern Norways only food and herb farm - Hildurs Urterarium. You will be extremely well receieved by the excellent hosts and experience their private home. You will see furniture and other antiques. The Sagastua lounge features local artefacts from the Viking Age.

The farm shop, Løpstikka, stock products including herbs, spices, jellies, honey and cheese, most of which are produced on the farm.

Lunch dishes are served in the grill house, which features a wood-fired bakers oven.


Group size: min 25 - max. 90

Duration: approx. 1.5-2 hours




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