100 years 2011


The Brønnøy Port celebrates  its 100 years as Brønnøysunds main port in 2011. There will be various events during the year to mark this occation.

The main event take place at Saturday the 18.th of June and it will have a cultural and artistic focus that everybody is welcome to enjoy. There are also an opportunity to go on a boat cruise on Saturday at 1230. There will be exhibitions of local arts and crafts and on the stage there will be performances of local musicians, actors, dancers and more on both days. We start the celebration on Friday the 17th. og June, with a Port-seminar and with programs for school children. Our program is currently only in Norwegian, but you are welcome to visit our information in the Havneskuran at the quey for more information in english. Just ask locals for the directions.


The Logo for the anniversary is made by the visual artist Inger-Hilde Nyrud


The celebrations program is produced in a cooperation between Brønnøy havn KF and Norsk Kystfestival (The Norwegian Coastal Festival)


The Norwegian Coastal Festival is an annual National festival in June in Brønnøysund.


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